Power Flushing

Cleaning a central heating system is integral to its health and maintenance.

Why opt for a power flush on your central heating system?

Power flushing is a popular method for cleaning out your heating system. It delivers a rapid, comprehensive clean that will give a range of benefits, including:

• A more even heat distribution through your property
• Improved overall energy savings
• Lower fuel and household bills
• Increased reliability of your heating system
• Extended life for your heating system

The benefits are simple to see, but how do you know if you need a power flush? Here are some simple symptoms to look out for in your system:

• Are some rooms much colder than others?
• Does it take a long time for your system to warm the house up?
• Are one or more of your radiators cold at the bottom?
• Do you need to bleed air from your radiators?
• Is the boiler and pump noisy?

If you can answer yes to some of these questions, a power flush might be required.

Anglo Heating Power Flush Services

Our rapid power flush fully destroy all forms of sludge, dirt and buildup in your heating system. Within a short time of our engineer arriving, your heating system will feel like it’s brand new again.

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