Anglo Heating & Maintenance offer Landlords or Property Agents a Gas Safety Inspection service

Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

Landlords have certain legal and moral duties towards their tenants. This includes ensuring that the property and heating system are sage and has a valid gas safety certificate. Anglo Heating & Maintenance are Gas Safe registered, and are able to carry out an inspection of your property and issue you with a certificate, as well as giving you a quotation for any repairs that might be required.

• Inspections include the following checks and tests:
• Good ventilation check
• Check for gas soundness on all appliances
• Check standing and working pressure if test points available
• Burner pressure / gas rate check against manufacturer's data plate
• Flue flow testing
• Operation of all flame failure devices check
• Check for stability and effectiveness of brackets, where appropriate
• Ensure that the person responsible for appliance is aware if the appliance is unsafe
• For a Gas Safety Certificate to be issued, a soundness test is carried out on the full system

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